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News from Carp Country

 Carp country: the lake territory of choice for the “real” carp fishermen

 Carp country: an initiative of enthusiastic carp fishermen

 Carp country: the fishing “paradise” of France

 Carp country: the ultimate challenge

 Carp country: virginal waters originating from the 17th century

 Carp country: a variety of lakes barely touched by civilization

 Carp country: breakfast, lunch, warm bites, drinks (by appointment)

 Carp country: 24 hours amongst little kingfishers and heavy “piglets

We are quite happy that our web site received so many ‘hits’ already, ever since it was created. And this even more so, because the site is still under construction. It adds to the fun that our visitors are not only coming from the Netherlands, but also from neighbouring countries. So we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you from abroad. Please, stay with us, and - in order to take you, this site and ourselves seriously -  we will constantly keep you informed on the latest developments.

Speaking about developments: in May 2004 the EPD-carp team intends to go fishing at the various locations, anxious as we are to explore the length and weight of the carps, and the possible amount of carp residing in our lake territory. Moreover, we are looking forward to unveil the secrets of our virginal river. The few moments that we spent fishing at our part of the river were breathtaking , and were very promising for the future, indeed. Of course, we are a bit nervous ourselves as we can hardly wait, and sometimes we exhibit an almost boyish behaviour.

We will certainly let you know here - at the site - what the results of our ‘trial fisheries’ will be. And again, we will keep this site always up to date! Anything new or important will be released here as quickly as possible. That’s simply part of our professional code towards YOU as a future customer: you should be treated honestly and be provided with fair and timely information.

Even so, we will not tell you every detail in advance, however, because you also deserve a piece of  romanticism and mystery after all. N’est-ce pas?

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